Our passion is for environmental technologies, products and services which can improve people's lives, industrial processes and safe our natural resources.


Our focus on sustainability extends to environmental technologies and services that enables adding values and benefits for a wide range of industries and governance, creating positive impacts on the environment around the world. 


Our strategy is to spread the existing market leading environmental technologies to meet the global challenges and  opportunities. Therefore, it is important for us to work together with the environmental supply chain. 


Our main task is to remove barriers:  making environmental technologies and solutions familiar and well known to the potential customers worldwide. 


Our customers  are:

  • Manufacturers of environmental technologies, sustainable solutions and services,
  • Environmental fairs organizers, which would like to promote their trade shows to Latin America audience,
  • Latin American industries and governance who are searching for environmental technologies and sustainable solutions and services, 
  • Latin American's fairs organizers, which would like to have more people/exhibitors to their trade-shows.

We try to connect potential interests between Europe, Brazil and some countries of Latin America. We work to improve communication and knowledge about environmental technologies and innovations: products, services, exchanges, courses, events and much more! 

Check out how we work with our channels:

Now that you know our values, let's get to know each other!  Just share what you are looking for and we can discuss about it! Let's be in touch!


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