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We are a small but very active company. In this way, we can not describe all the activities due to the short time we have. We decided to insert photos as a way of recording activities. We hope you appreciate it! Do not hesitate to talk to us to support your event!


We have organized technical visitation for our brazilian partner EDS-SUSTENERGY from Maceio, Alagoas state in Brazil. We visited Detec-Vision, manufacturer of the small windpower Vertkon; and DME- German Water Desalination. Both meetings were very exciting and productive. 

In August 2018, we were visiting and supporting Intersolar South America 2018  in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

We join the Renewable Energy BFZ's Delegation and we visited Intersolar Munich 2018, including APEX Seminar. Addicionally we visited again the CHP Biomass manufacurer, worldwide leader RE2, which transform wood-to-electricity. We knew Mr. Seiler, the new international sales manager.

Starting 2018, we dedicated 03 months (March-Mai) we visited Messe München headquarter in São Paulo, participated at Frauenhofer's seminar at Unicamp, and we met several environmental professionals in Brazil.

We were co-exhibitor at IFAT2018 together with Bayern Innovative and Umwelt Cluster Bayern booth. 

In December 2017 we visited the installation of Gröninger Cleaning System in Rotterdam. Gröninger Cleaning Systems can be  your partner of choice for the interior and exterior cleaning of ISO tank containers, tankers and silo trucks. Gröninger ensures the design, construction, installation and service of your tank cleaning and provides the associated systems, such as water treatment, air purification, dry systems and hot water supply (central heating or steamer). Gröninger also provides essential input in the area of civil engineering and infrastructure.

We attended one day at BFZ Delegation, Drinktec fair in Munich. We were invited to The European Beer Star Night. We also became in 2017 a associated member of UmweltCluster Bayern. We took part of the 68. LATEINAMERIKA TAG in Weimar. We attended at the end of the year WIND EUROPE 2017 in Amsterdam and visited the installation of Gröninger Cleaning System in Rotterdam. 

It was a great experience to organize our 1. International Fair and Conference AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL EXPOBAHIA 2017 at the renowned institution SENAI CIMATEC in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil! For more details about this event, please check directly the website

Attending several business events in Germany in 2016:

BAUMA fair, FIESP Delegation, IFAT Fair, Excursion to Weihenstephan Brewery, supporting TUM DeSal Challenge, visiting  Intersolar Munich and  DWBT Weimar! SUPPLYgoGREEN also organized together with TopSolar Team a PVSPIN sales and technical workshop for the new brazilian distributor Voltmais! The last, a business tour to GreenCity in Freiburg for the brazilian company Voltmais.

In 2015 we started to visit some important events and fairs in Germany, as Wasser Berlin, TFZ of the Bavarian Ministre of Food, Agriculture and Forestry and RENEXPO Fair.

At the fair FIMAI ECOMONDO in Brazil, we debuted our first booth called AMBIENTAL MERCANTIL (our known brand in Brazil)! We also started o visit some customers and business partners in Brazil!

SUPPLYgoGREEN started to be built as a startup in 2014: arising from an idea and becoming a reality everyday.  Here is the first trade fair we visited and where everything started...